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●●● fandom

A3!Hisoka, Juza, Omi, Tasuku 
Boku No HeroHitoshi, Katsuki, Kyoka, Shota, Shouto, TamakiBakuJiro, Kacchako, TodoBaku
Cardcaptor SakuraSyaoran 
Cookie RunHerb, Werewolf 
Fruits BasketHaru, KyoKyoru
Genshin ImpactChongyun, Qiqi, Razor 
Hirunaka no ryuuseiDaiki Mamura 
HorimiyaIzumi Miyamura 
Kono oto Tomare!Chika Kudo 
Kuroko No BasketKuroko Tetsuya 
League of LegendsAshe, Echo, Ezreal, Jinx 
Mystic MessengerJumin, Saeran, Saeyoung 
Mr. LoveVictor 
NarutoDeidara, Gaara, Itachi, Neji, SasukeNejiten, Sasusaku
PokemonGreen, N Harmonia, Silver 
Shugo Chara!Ikuto Tsukiyomi 
Stardew ValleySebastian 
Yamada-kun Lv999Akito Yamada 

*I'm a pretty big multi-shipper and don't really have ships I can't appreciate (but i do have characters I don't like). The ones listed are just the one's I actively look out for

●●● about

Hi, I'm Lucy. Yes, it's a nickname derived from Lucifer. My favorite season is autumn — not fall. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and although I'm know for my graphic and illustration skills, sometimes I dabble in creative writing.

Currently Playing
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Cookie Run: Kingdom
Tears of Themis

No Longer Playing
Genshin Impact
Team Fight Tactics

Wish I were Playing

hogwarts: slytherin
ilvermorny: horned serpant
patronus: buzzard
wand Sycamore wood with a Unicorn hair core, 9 ½", Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
sun: pisces
moon: sagittarius
rising: sagittarius

●●● gaming

Feel free to add me on games (':

Genshin ImpactAmerica611849598
Cookie Run Ovenbreak
Lucy#6562 | RMHMH6258
Cookie Run KingdomVanillacmykae | JYMWR7503
Love and Deep SpaceAmerica82000031024
League of LegendsNAarcaneAbattoir#666
Tears of Themis-200027240
Nintendo Switch-SW-2797-3079-5590
Tales of Food-147627

●●● commissions

I'm open for personal and commercial commissions!What do you need to do?
Please email me at [email protected] with the subject line similar to Commission and include information of what you are looking for as well as your budget, if applicable.
I am mostly commissioned for personal work, if you have a commercial project, please include that in your message.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me or message me on twitter.

What can I help you with?
IllustrationOc drawings, fanart, postcards, prints, stickers, buttons, emotes
DesignFormatting (presentations, pdfs, books), social media deliverables (banners, images, infographs, graphics, commission pricing sheet), digital mockups, simple gifs, carrd redesign
HTML/CSStumblr themes/pages, toyhouse character layouts, customize e-shops/blog themes, and portfolios

●●● general info - faq

  • All commissions are to be paid in USD through Paypal.

  • All commissions will be assumed to be for personal use only. Any commercial projects should be mentioned before I begin working on the commission.

  • Please have visual references or mood boards to help explain what you are looking for. A mix of written words and visual examples are recommended to get the details correct.

  • My commissioning me you are agreeing to my terms and conditions, so please read them!

  • Personal use commissions can be used as gifts, decorations, on social media — as banners or icons — or character references. The commission is not sold or raffled in any way.

  • Learn more about commercial work.

●●● pricing

commission rate
35 USD per hour
Turn around
2-3 weeks — dependent on complexity
commmercial rate
varies on project
Type of CommissionPrice
Personal Illustrationpricing and details
Twitch Emotes & Sub Iconspricing and details
Social Media Graphics35 USD/hr
message for specfics
Twitch Asset Graphics35 USD/hr
message for specfics
Carrd/Bigcartel Design35 USD/hr
message for specfics
message for specfics

●●● the process

Illustration Process
Turn around times will vary from projects project. Payment is not expected until after the sketch is approved.
01. Consultation
We go over the details of the commission. Going over what you, the client, want and agreeing on a price. Please have visual references or mood boards to help explain what you are looking for. Descriptions are helpful, but visual references make things go a lot faster. If you have a budget, this would be the time to mention it as well so that we can find a fair price for both parties.
02. Sketching
I will send a screenshot of a WIP for approval.
I offer two (2) sketches per commission project. Any additional rounds will cost more. Once the sketch is approved we will begin rendering.
03. Rendering
I will work on completing your piece. Depending on the complexity of the piece you may receive multiple WIPs — screenshots of the process to confirm the piece is headed in the right direction. Smaller and simpler projects may not have WIPs.
04. Final Check
Screenshots of the final piece will be sent to be approved.
I offer two (2) rounds of small revisions after rendering is finished.
05. Payment
Payment must be completed before receiving the file. Depending on the size of the project, payment may be required before any work is done.
Design Process
Varies on project will consist of Consolation, mockups, final check.
The client is in charge of checking that any requested images, fonts, or resources are free to use, free for personal use, or a proper license is acquired.
Any images, fonts, or resources used or suggested by me will be free to use, or free for personal use.

●●● illustration pricing

  • The prices shown below are for personal use illustrations.

  • Pricing may vary depending on request (level of complexity and detail, and number of revisions). These prices include a process sketch and 2 rounds of small revisions.

  • Be sure to look at my Terms and Conditions before commissioning me.

  • Updated: Jan 2023

I will not draw

●●● icons

ICONThese prices are specific to social media icons.
Chibi headshots only.
Color —  15USD
~3 colors. small edits. no redos.
Simple — 35USD
full color, background color of your choice. small edits. no redos.
+$ for any additional characters

●●● one

CRAYONchibi/semi-realism. A soft style that's a little rough around the edges. Can be sketchy or more finished

Waist Up35USD+
Full Body90USD+
+1 person25USD+
+1 Animal20USD+

●●● two

PENchibi. A sharp and clean style.

Waist Up40USD+
Full Body100USD+
+1 person30USD+
+1 Animal25USD+

●●● three

LINELESSChibi. no lines.

Waist Up75USD+
Full Body150USD+
+1 person40USD+
+1 Animal20USD+

●●● emotes

Emotes112 x 112 px

One emote30USD
Three emotes80USD

●●● terms of service and use

The following are terms for personal use commissions and the general use of my work.

Terms of service are subjected to change and will be different depending on what you, the client, are requesting. Please always read through these terms before requesting, even if you have requested before. Submitting a request means you, the client, agrees to all my, the service provider, terms.

●●● general :: all work

  • Do not share, use, repost, or edit any of my works without my permission.

  • You are not allowed to use my work for NFTs or AI learning. Ever. For any reason.

  • Watermarks are not to be removed.

●●● commission basics

  • I retain the right to deny any commission.

  • All commissions are assumed to be for personal use. Any commercial projects should be prefaced before hand and will have different terms and conditions from what is listed.

  • All commissions are delivered digitally.

  • Payment is completed through Paypal in USD.

  • Payment must be completed before receiving the final piece. All previews will be in low res and large watermarks. ==Final pieces will be signed. ==

  • Revisions and refunds will not be available after the final piece is approved and delivered.

  • Any license fees are to be handled by the you (the commissioner/client). This means if you want to me to use a specific image, font, etc that you do not own, you must pay for the license if it is not free to use.

  • All preparation materials, visual and sketches, including the electronic files used to create the project remain the property of me, cmykae, as the creator of them.

●●● use and sharing

  • You are not allowed to turn a personal commission into a commercial commission. For any reason.

  • I retain the full rights to the commission as the creator. This includes the right to share all commissioned work on my social platforms and portfolio. (I get to tell people I drew the commission for you.)

  • Other than me, you are the only one who has the rights to use the commissioned work. If you see someone using work you commissioned without your permission, you may take action.

  • With the commission you may NOT claim as your own work, trace, reproduce, sell for a profit, or raffle away.

  • You may print your commission for your own personal use (i.e. to decorate your room). You may NOT print my work for mass production or monetary benefit/reward.

  • You may commission my work as a gift. This is the ONLY time you may give my work away. For no other reason are you allowed to give away my work.

If you commissioned an Illustration or Design you may share the piece you bought, use it as social media banners, icons, or backgrounds. Credit is not needed but appreciated. You can not claim it as your own work.If you commissioned a theme/layout — something coded — you are allowed to reuse, recolor, and customize the layout to your hearts desire (to your own digression). You may NOT redistribute the codes, claim as your own, use as a base, or sell for a profit.

●●● payment

  • !!! Do not send payment until I've accepted your commission request !!! Any payments made before a request is accepted is a donation and will not be refunded.

  • More information about my commission rate can be found here. Illustration prices can be found here.

  • All payments will be done through Paypal in USD, unless both parties have agreed on something else in advanced.

  • My paypal email is: [email protected]

  • Let me know what your budget is in your initial message if you feel it is important to stay within it.

  • There will be no refunds, returns, or revisions for a completed commission. Feel free to take a few days with the final WIP before we call the commission finished.

  • Payment must be completed, in full, before receiving the final piece.

  • Any license fees are to be handled by the client.

●●● commercial use

Commercial works is defined as work that is used for monetary purposes: promotion or for sale — prints, posters, etc.Any commercial work terms and conditions will be discussed prior to beginning the commission as terms will vary due to project.Commercial commissions may include royalties.

●●● illustration

●●● merch

Some of this merch has been designed and or illlustrated by me but not produced.

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